• Primary Care Platform

    Integrates virtual and in-person care and enables members to access comprehensive and scalable physician and other healthcare services.

  • Digital Employee Services

    Offerings to insurance companies and benefit plan sponsors the comprehensive suite of employee benefit services that target absenteeism and disabilities. All Digital Employee Services are integrated into our patent pending Service Engine and physician care which provides a seamless experience for the patient/employee.

  • Data Offerings

    Patent pending Service Engine platform allows enterprises to focus on “small data” and improve access for individual patients immediately.

A Coast-to-Coast B2B Solution

  • Virtual Doctor

    Gotodoctor currently provides virtual care services in ON, BC, MB, SK, and AB.

  • Carebridge Pharmacies

    Over 250 subscribed pharmacies from ON to BC. Future expansion is supported by a ROFR on 2,200 McKesson pharmacies.

  • Full Service Clinics

    Gotodoctor buys and operates physical clinics today in ON and MB with plans to expand nationally.

Our Partners